Airing one's dirty laundry in public:
revealing that which is normally not spoken about, except maybe in private; having an argument where others might hear

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STUFF - A delve into the mounds of things we have in our lives that mean so much to us - or maybe mean nothing to us at all - we still keep it! We all have attics full of stuff! Why? When will we use it? Do we even know what's up there? Why do parents keep everything their children have ever done? What will they do with it? Why do we have so much stuff in our wardrobes that we'll never wear? Are we ever going to get thinner and fit back into it all? Or younger so we're no longer too old to wear it? Why do we love to shop? What is it about shopping that makes us feel good? Why do we all want more stuff? What is it about clearing out our stuff that makes us feel so good? Maybe you're a hoarder, a shopaholic, a collector or a car-booter - or maybe you're at the other end of the spectrum and feel the need to make constant trips to the charity shop with your unwanted belongings - either way we'd love to hear from you for the creation of our next piece.

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Previous productions

Woman Scorned

"When your husband tells you he’s leaving you for another woman… a younger woman… at first you think it’s some kind of joke, like a really sick joke… and as your confused brain is trying to figure out what’s happening, you can’t stop laughing ‘cause it just doesn’t make any sense! And when the realisation sets in that it’s not actually a joke, you get this shiver down your spine, like a slow paralysis that works its way down your arm and before you know it you can’t feel your legs and then some invisible force has just SMACKED you in the stomach and you just wanna be SICK."

How far would you go to get revenge on the one you love?

Woman Scorned explores the psyche of a woman betrayed by love. The roots of this piece lie in the ancient Greek myth 'Medea' - a story of a woman who gave up everything for her husband only to be betrayed by him and exiled from the country they had travelled many miles to with their children to start a new life. Medea is the ultimate woman scorned and the revenge she wreaks upon her husband is unimaginable - seemingly a million miles from anything that might happen in our lives today... Or is it?

Described by audiences as 'heartbreaking', the show includes original words from real life stories and interviews with the general public.

In creating and performing our work, we intend to allow stories, views and opinions to be aired to allow people to make up their own minds about a subject or situation. In this sense, we have identified a close alignment with the aims of Relate, the counselling organisation. To find out more about their services, visit Relate.

Woman Scorned toured across the north west of England, with shows at the opening of the Bradford Playhouse, Z-Arts in Manchester (as part of the One Billion Rising event), Oldham Gallery, Oldham Coliseum, ALRA (North), Huddersfield Uni and 3MT Manchester.

ONE BILLION RISING from Liam Healy on Vimeo.