Airing one's dirty laundry in public:
revealing that which is normally not spoken about, except maybe in private; having an argument where others might hear

Press pieces

Woman Scorned ****

writes the Good Review. Dirty Laundry is not only a fairly accurate description of the costumes (sheet, rope, Grecian shipwreck, Zen-like creations), Woman Scorned also airs some pretty dirty laundry and dark emotions.

Local theatre company premieres their new show

writes Saddleworth News. Dirty Laundry, a new local theatre company will premiere their first show ‘Woman Scorned’ in a double-bill with 2Tour Theatre at The Oldham Coliseum on 16th May…

Local residents invited to air their Dirty Laundry

writes Saddleworth News. Residents from the Oldham area are invited to a FREE preview of a new theatre show at Gallery Oldham. The show, titled ‘Woman Scorned’ will be performed professionally in the studio at The Oldham Coliseum on 16th May.