Airing one's dirty laundry in public:
revealing that which is normally not spoken about, except maybe in private; having an argument where others might hear

Grand Opening!

Welcome to our blog! As I write, preparations are in progress for the Grand Opening of The New Bradford Playhouse. This is an extremely exciting venture for us at Dirty Laundry as not only is it our first collaboration as a company, but also our first collaboration as Associate Artists of the venue. This event will be our chance to share with the community of Bradford what it is we will be doing over the coming months and what part they can play in the work we produce.

And so far so good! Having only found out on Friday that we might put ‘something’ together for the opening, we have come up with a concept that we feels reflects the current and future work of Dirty Laundry, spread across areas of the building that we feel reflect how we will approach that work.

This initial collaboration has bound us already closer together as a company and further emphasised how deep rooted our ethos is – to bring a subject matter, whatever it may be, out into the open air where everyone can engage with it in their own way – to air our (and your) Dirty Laundry.

If you’d like to come along to the Grand Opening of The New Bradford Playhouse to see what we and other emerging companies are doing there, pop in anytime between 3pm-8pm this Friday 26 October… It’s on Chapel Street in Bradford. We’d love to see you there x